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Healing Heart Connections LLC - Our Mission

The mission of Healing Heart Connections is to provide the highest quality, culturally sensitive training for professionals and treatment for individuals and families who have experienced trauma. Our focus is on helping those who have been deeply wounded emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and physically through traumatic experiences, so that they can heal, fully embrace their lives, and be the person they were created to be.

We know that our heart is at the center of our total being and it connects with every aspect of who we are. When trauma experiences wound us and the resulting symptoms increase the damage, we need to heal in all aspects of our lives. This means addressing our wounds from a total person perspective, acknowledging that this includes emotional, spiritual, mental (brain), and physical (body) components, as all may have been affected. Healing Heart Connections provides experiences and connections to services so that all of these aspects of the heart can heal and individuals/families can reach their full potential.

The energy of unhealed trauma, even when the trauma memory is not present, can have an intergenerational effect. Intervening on this process facilitates healing for the individual and their family. Family engagement is a critical element in breaking the intergenerational cycle of trauma. Therefore, the services offered focus both on individuals and families.

Services offered include the following:

• Psychodrama and Sociometry Training for Professionals
• Intensive Psychodrama 3-Day Healing Experiences
• NeuroCoach Brain Healing Programs
• Consulting and Program Development for those programs
   who want to incorporate trauma healing into what they do
• Staff Training and Supervision for those who want to improve
   their skills and services in working with traumatized clients
   or professionals working toward their certification
   in psychodrama or sex addiction therapy.

Other services that will be made available periodically to participants during Training or Intensive Experiences include Breathwork, Meditation, Brainspotting, Myofascial Release, and Body Awareness and Healing.