Ann Hale, MA, TEP

Ann E. Hale, M.A., TEP was formally trained in psychodrama by J. L. and Zerka Moreno at the Moreno Institute in Beacon, NY. She received her director’s certificate and was the Director in Residence there from 1973-early 1975. Ann established the Toronto Centre for Psychodrama and Sociometry as well as a training center in Roanoke, Virginia where she resides. Ann has specialized in the sociometric approach to healing relationships, guiding leaders in group work and building safe connections. Her books include Conducting Clinical Sociometric Explorations (1985) Sociometric Processing of Action Events (2002, with Donna Little) and Three Cyclical Models to Enhance Consciousness of Interpersonal Connections (2014). Her website is

Ann has enjoyed being an exhibiting artist with paintings and drawings, She has also been a long-standing member of audiences of Playback Theater whenever she can attend a performance. “I believe in the story approach to healing and the grounding in the creative arts.”

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